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EZY-PAVER Interlocking Ground Support

EZY-PAVER is a new innovative ground reinforcement and stabilization product for use in the permanent reinforcing of soft ground providing a stable base for sheds, greenhouses, summer houses, etc.

EZY-PAVER is also ideal for the movement of parking of vehicles and for stabilizing soft earth banks. EZY-PAVER is a modular, open design grid tile, manufactured from 100% recycled material. It is tough, flexible, easy to install and allows natural drainage.

The EZY-PAVER Can be Used for:

Features of the EZY-PAVER

How Many Do I Need?

Each EZY-PAVER = 500mm x 500mm x 40mm

0.25 SQ/M Contains 1 x EZY-PAVER Grids

0.5 SQ/M Contains 2 x EZY-PAVER Grids

1 SQ/M Contains 4 x EZY-PAVER Grids

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